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2018 Business Taxpayer Newsletters

6 last minute tax moves for Businesses. Read more here:  6 Last Minute Tax Moves 

Can a PTO contribution arrangement help your employees and your business? Read more here: PTO Contributions

Key tax-related deadlines affecting businesses and other employers during the fourth quarter of 2018. Read more here: 2018 Q4 Tax Calendar                    

Does your business reimburse employees’ work-related travel expenses? If you do, you know that it can help you attract and retain employees. Read more here: Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement

Businesses aren't immune to tax identity theft. Read more here: Businesses and Tax Identity Theft 

Tax-free fringe benefits help small businesses and their employees. Read more here: Tax-Free Fringe Benefits

Research credit available to some businesses for the first time. Read more here: Research Credit  

Reduce your 2018 tax liability by buying business assets. Read more here: Buy Business Assets       

It's not too late: You can still set up a retirement plan for 2018. Read more here: Retirement plan for 2018

More businesses are now eligible to use the cash method of accounting for federal tax purposes. Read more here: Cash Accounting

When holiday gifts and parties are deductible or taxable. Read more here: Holiday Gifts and Parties

2018 Individual Taxpayer Newsletters

Selling your home? Read more here: Selling Your Home

CA State Controller has announced Property Tax Postponement Program. Read more here: Property Tax Relief